Brewing beer from a kit – as easy as making soup from a can

So last year on a visit to my local brew store – Defalco’s – to pick up yeast for my brewing.  Front and center when I  entered were a pile of beer kits on sale.   Now the price for kits have been going up to the point they aren’t really competitive.  These ones were regularly $20.59 but marked down to $13.59 – even considering I’d likely need to buy fresh yeast which is the only thing I consider perishable about these kit – they were a good buy.  Granted they don’t give you the flexibility that brewing from grain does – but are they ever convenient.  So I snatched up a bunch.

If you haven’t given brewing at home a try; or have put your gear away for a piece of time, maybe it’s time you picked up a kit and the carboys and brew a batch or two in preparation for summer.

The kit you need is limited and low cost so why not give it a try if you can make soup from a can you can brew beer, so stop saying someday and make someday today.

Mixing a beer kit

See just like making soup, only with way more malt and hops and a lot less chicken and noodles



Beer in carboy

Ready to add the yeast and let them do the rest of the work