Danish Whisk – poor man’s stand mixer

Any trip through a kitchen store will reveal a loads of kitchen gadgets.  Some seem to be perpetually available and others, well they are here today gone tomorrow.  In all likelihood most of these, irrespective of which category these fall into end up shoved to the back of the odds ‘n ends or junk drawers in most kitchens.

My odds 'n ends drawer with the danish whisk front and center, and this wasn't a staged photo.

My odds ‘n ends drawer with the danish whisk front and center, and this wasn’t a staged photo.

I’m not one for filling junk drawers.  I’m willing to have tools that will radically speed up operations I do only a few times a year, like the Victorio food mill – or the apple cider press, but not junk.

So I was a bit suspect about the utility of the danish whisk and it’s great reviews when I saw it in the Lee Valley catalog.   But,  I needed Christmas gifts for my hard to buy for mother and sister-in-law, so I picked these up for their kitchens.

Turns out they are as good if not better than billed in the description.  They blend dough faster and with much less effort than a wooden spoon.  This is obviously a nice advantage for adults,  but at least in my home it was the difference between my kids being able to complete the task of mixing doughs and batters and having to call dad to do most of the mixing when there was only a wooden spoon in the drawer.

Now the title says the poor man’s stand mixer, and that probably bills it fairly.  Pick one up today and soon you’ll find that the formerly indispensable wooden spoons have been pushed to the back of the odds ‘n ends drawer from lack of use.

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