Making Icing Sugar at home

I’m probably not the type of neighbor that would be coming over to borrow a cup of sugar.   I usually have more that enough on hand to handle a season worth of not only preserving but also stimulating and then fall feeding for the bees.

Granulated sugar, the "coffee grinder" and the resulting fine icing sugar (R to L)

Granulated sugar, the “coffee grinder” and the resulting fine icing sugar (R to L)

But,  I do run out of icing sugar… or rather I usually don’t maintain a stock of icing sugar.  But, one of the reasons I don’t really consider that a big deal is because I can produce my own icing sugar at home.

Of course icing sugar isn’t anything special, it is just regular granular sugar which has been reduced to a very fine powder.

You can do that same particle size reduction in an electric coffee grinder in your own kitchen.  Don’t overload the little hopper with granulated white sugar and a few pulses will reduce to something that is nearly as fine as the powdered icing sugar you would buy.

It’s really an easy way to simplify what you maintain stocks of, simplify your life (no longer do you need to run out to pick up icing sugar), and save money by doing the value added transformation at home.



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