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Building the Homestead Grain Mill

Building the Homestead Grain Mill

We were lucky enough to get our books on the barter blanket at the upcoming TSP event.  For all those that won’t be able to make it there we’re offering a sale on our books – each one of them has been discounted for a limited time.  I’ll also whisper a secret to you folks – business cards were recently printed up with a discount code on them.  Even if you don’t have a card the code 10OFF will get you 10% off your entire purchase.

Build a tortilla press

Build a tortilla press

These books drop the barrier to entry for those who want to have more handy skills, which combined with the current low low price for the tools you’ll need to make these projects combine to form a compelling argument to take these up.

Our most extensive project by far is the grain mill, and our book will walk you every step of the way through the construction of a unit that is every bit the equal of ones costing several hundreds of dollars – you’ll more than pay for the materials and tools by building just one, and you’ll have both the tools and knowledge to use them to jump to more advanced projects.

3D-03 B

Building a cold smoker

The tortilla press build is an especially good project to take on if you are new to metal working.  You can in reasonably quick fashion construct a tortilla press that won’t just work wonderfully, but that your grandkids will be proud to have in their own kitchen – and fresh tortillas are awesome.

Build a cider press

Build a cider press

The cold smoker offers up a simple project that will allow you to produce mouth watering foods at a fraction of the price they would sell for in stores for under $20 – and it’s simple enough that you can be smoking food this weekend.

The cider press is a simple and rewarding woodworking project – and this unit is built like a tank.  It will enable you to make use of the abundance of apples that grace so many neighborhoods but go unharvested.

Like all of these books the price is low enough that the savings you’ll enjoy from not having to toss wasted material from a wrong cut to the side more than pay for the book – discounting the savings in time and energy entailed in perfecting your own designs since at all of these projects are the result of at least the third generation of design evolution.

These projects aren’t as intimidating as they may at first appear – so what are you waiting for?  IF you aren’t lucky enough to be busy at the nine mile farm, then grab the books and start embarking on projects to bring manufacturing back not just onshore but to your home today.

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