Building the Reitveld Deck Chair

Rietveld chairs on Swarthmore Campus

Rietveld chairs on Swarthmore Campus

My family fell in love with Reitveld chairs while my brother and his family were living in Swarthmore in Philly.  They were literally a block away from the wonderful Swarthmore College campus which features an exceptional arboretum and an entire campus filled with both beautiful and cool trees and plants.  It also features numerous cedar Reitveld chairs scattered around the campus which being in left in natural finish don’t stand out nearly as much as their collection of aderondac/mascoka chairs – including a giant one – on their main lawn.  But, while not as flashy as their aderondac cousins the Reitveld chairs are incredibly seductive once you allow your body to settle into the contours.  It just works with the human body – big or small, male or female it feel awesome.  It practically begs to have you settle down with a beverage – coffee, wine, beer or maybe a homemade soda – but certainly not a superficial store bought soda – and a book or in a circle of friends for reflecting or lively discussion.

Yet in-spite of how wonderfully this chair fits it is a wonderfully simple design – and that makes it a comparatively easy project to undertake and build.  That’s just what I did – that siren sound to the body was too much to resist!  Follow along over the next couple of posts and I’ll share with you how easy it is to build.

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