First Cider Pressing of the Fall

cover 02 (481x640)After a few weeks of really fantastic warm weather the briskness of the fall has caught up with us in this neck of the woods.  The trees are starting to turn and it won’t be long before low lying areas get hit by the first fall frost – so it’s the time of the year to race to put up the bounty of the season before the blankets of snow mantle the landscape.

That means in part the apple harvest that started a month or so ago continues – and will draw to a close soon enough.  The cider press is now out and we’ve had our first tastes of many of the freshest cider – dripping right from the press cylinder – and incredible treat.

As the cider harvest picks up speed we’ll be canning lots and reducing a fair bit to apple cider syrup – which is a great thing to have in the kitchen, and a fair measure will find stability as hard cider.  But this first pressing is destined to be gulped down – much of it eagerly consumed right off the press, and the rest within the next day or two from the fridge.

For all the fun – and the immediacy of the reward does make it fun – this is a good example of how a bit of investment in assets pay off again and again.  This latest rendition of the cider press – the one perfected for the book – is now three years old.  After that initial investment in the first year of time and materials it has just continued to pay dividends.  I haven’t penciled down the figures, but I’d venture a guess that this investment has provided a better ROI than most folks stock portfolios, which is pretty cool when it also yields a lot of childish grins – on faces both young and old.

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