Stanley Adventure Crock – Lid Latch Fix

Replacement Adventure Crock Latch

There’s a reason our grandparents had skills – they needed to be able to do things for themselves because they couldn’t afford to pay someone to do or make it for them.  Now we live right now in a pretty easy money environment, but because fewer folks can do it can mean more advantages for those who cultivate can do skill sets.

Take my recent trip to Cabella’s to pick up some outdoor gear.  I popped into their “Bargain Cave” and there were a couple of Stanley Adventure Crocks at the back.  Now these are three quart/ litre insulated crocks and look perfect for bringing something hot to a potluck or outing.  List price $75 plus 13% tax.  (In the states it looks like they go for $45).  But these ones, well they were marked down to a third of the price because the latches to hold the lids in place were broken.  Without the latches these were pretty much useless.

Final layers of the adventure crock latch being printed in PETG

Now clearly given the apparent prevalence of broken latches Stanley needs to address the design.  But I knew I could take advantage of the deeply discounted price and make my own replacement latches very quickly at home.

Now the replacement job would have been a bit of a pain to machine in metal – I have all the tools but still… But the project was perfectly suited to designing a beefier replacement in Sketchup and 3D printing it in PETG.  The replacement latch works great – and I have even used failure testing as an excuse to watch TV while working the latch repeatedly.  No problems!

3D printing is a great capability to add to your home, and if you don’t already have machine tools it is a great entry point into homescale manufacturing.  If you do have a machine shop I’m sure you’ll find that there are lots of tasks that a 3D printer can accomplish more easily than you could with conventional fabrication techniques.

For those of you with a an adventure crock with a broken latch here is the link to the STL file on thingverse




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