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Our motto says it all, “Knowledge Empowering Independence” – your independence and by extension those of your family and community.  We want to share with you the skills and the shortcuts to the tools and techniques that will empower you to (re)claim the ability to do for yourself.


Why is this our agenda? Why are we passionate about this cause? Simple, we want our community to be stronger and more resilient.  We want to assist you in taking charge of the things that you need  not just to live but thrive – because when you do we all become stronger.


We believe every home; be it a farm, rural property, suburban plot or city loft should be at least in some measure a homestead – serving to allow those living there to develop and produce the things they need to survive and thrive rather than just acting as a point of consumption.


The books we publish feature timeless knowledge, skills and tools that will be as useful in a generation as they are in this or the last  as a means of empowering independence and helping you turn your home into a homestead.


We look forward to sharing that journey with you.

You can contact us;  sales@enduringtechnologypress.com

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