Crisis on skis – Jerky is finished

Ok, so it’s not as dire a crisis as one might expect from a trip out cross country skiing in the hills when the trails are icy.  But running out of jerky is a pretty big deal.

It’s been a popular treat – better received than gummy bears – which is saying quite a bit.  So, in a way while it’s sad to see the snow slowly wasting away and the inevitable nearing of the end of the ski season – it’s nice that it’s warming up enough that the home built smoker will be coming out in about a month – when the evening temperatures are consistently above zero – to get us ready for hiking and canoeing season.

If you haven’t tried curing and smoking your own jerky you really should try.  Check out our bookstore for the simple plans laid out in the “Homestead Expedient Cold Smoker” that should see you build a smoker for less than $20.