Whole Wheat Pie Crusts

You might reject the idea of using whole wheat flour for pie shells and other sweet products.  That would be short sighted.  Whole grain flours add wonderful flavor that is missing from white flour where all the flavor has been removed.

A few amendments need to be made to account for the lesser ratio of gluten compared to recipes which feature white flour, but these are easily done.

Whole wheat pie crust rolled out on parchment paper

Whole wheat pie crust rolled out on parchment paper

I know a lot of folks are intimidated by the prospect of making pastry, and it can be a challenge to roll out and transfer the crust into the pie shell.  While you can chill the dough to make it easier to roll out an even easier way to get the job done is to roll out the crust on parchment paper or a silicon baking sheet.  Then place a pie tin on top of the crust, slip a hand under the parchment or silicon sheet and flip everything over, then gently peel the parchment from the crust.

If you have any breaks fix those by pressing the crust together with your fingers and trim the crust that overhangs the pie tin.

This recipe yields about five 9″ pie shells – if you make a double crust pie you’ll use two crusts.


Whole Wheat Hot Crossed Buns

Like so many seasonal or holiday baked goods hot crossed buns can be prepared any time of the year.  It’s not like the bakery gremlins are going to jump out from behind the wheat barrel and confiscate “unseasonal” baking.  But, all the same, there is something to be said about allowing traditions and the flow of the seasons to prompt us to mix up our culinary repertoire.

Let Easter (or now) serve as the reason to mix up your baking by preparing a batch of hot crossed buns.  If you can make buns you can make hot crossed buns – the only difference is the addition of a few spices to our standard whole wheat yeast bread recipe along with a cup of raisins added just before the dough is kneaded for the second time.  When the buns have cooled they get a tiny bit of icing.  That’s it.  Simple, easy, fast and a delicious difference.   Make a batch and the bakery gremlins who make these disappear will end up being your family members.

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