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Barley flour super fudgey brownies

Super chocolaty brownies  made with whole barley flour

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buy provigil These brownies are crazy awesome good.  Frankly they are soooo chocolaty that it masks most (but not all) of the sweet nuttiness that I love from the whole barley flour.  These are really really good, and so quick to prepare that you’ll be able to whip them up and have them in the oven in under five minutes – washing your bowl will take as long as the prep.

This recipe is also a great one to hand to new bakers (of all ages).  Unlike cookies which are fun but can be a bit time consuming these brownies are pretty close to instant gratification and there is really little chance of it being screwed up.

If you have younger bakers you might find the mixing a bit of a challenge with a wooden spoon.  Pick up some Danish Whisks and the kids will be able to do all of the mixing themselves.  Once you’ve got them in your kitchen drawer they will end up being your default mixing tool they are that good.

Give these a go.


Whole Grain Mocha Cookies – Junior Baker approved

Mocha cookies made with barley flour - together with milk!

Mocha cookies made with barley flour – together with milk!

There are requests, there are pleas and then there are demands.  These cookies demand a tall glass of ice cold milk.  In fact the dairy farmers should be handing out these very cookies to folk approaching grocery store cashes who don’t have milk in their basket!  They are frankly awesome.

Now, some chocolate cookies have loads of oooey gooey good chocolate in them.  These by contrast don’t overwhelm you with that taste – but they are addictive!

If you want to have folks rethink baking with whole grain flours – these might just be the way to win them over.

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