Build a Cider Press


This simple and sturdy press can be assembled in a day for little cost and will last a lifetime.  Detailed instructions guide you through the process of building the press.

Grab this book and get ready to fill your larder with cider.

This 36 page 8 1/2″ X 11″ book is available for immediate download.

Product Description

Build a cider press in a weekend that will serve a lifetime

Produce healthy fresh cider at home with ease

Fall harvests are often times of abundance – and at least in my neighborhood – feature apple trees laden with fruit… that frequently doesn’t get picked.  Even if you don’t have your own trees, I’ve found that knocking on a neighbor’s door usually sees me invited to pick all the fruit I want.

Now there are some great things to do with apples.  I store the best, peel and freeze or dry the seconds, sauce a bunch but those at the bottom of the barrel – bruised but not rotten, along with the extras – end up crushed and pressed for cider.

This simple but sturdy press can be assembled in a weekend and uses a farm style jack from the hardware store to provide the needed oomph.  Couple this with an old or second hand food processor that will chop the apples and you’ll be turning out liquid ambrosia with a modest investment of time and dollars.

If you don’t consider yourself handy don’t fret, this book will lead you through the construction process step by step with detailed instructions, illustrations and drawings.

Get your canner or carboys ready – this press will produce cider fast enough that you’ll probably need them – though it is hard not to consume the cider as fast as it flows.

This 36 page 8 1/2″ X 11″ book is available for immediate download.


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