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Got a book or a book idea you would like to pursue? We can help lead you through the writing, editing and final formatting process irrespective of whether you end up choosing to offer the book through Enduring Technology Press or not.  While we’re not going to do the work for you, or pay you to do the work, we’re not going to charge for helping you along with the process.  Apart from editorial input and advice on best practices that we’ve discovered we are going to recommend that you contract out for services in areas where you are weak – this process is simple and very reasonable from a cost perspective and is quite frankly what we do as well.  Leveraging outside expertise is the difference between amateur and professional.

If you’ve got a finished book that you would like to offer through Enduring Technology Press, contact us.  Since we offer only electronic format publications and you cover all of the expenses associated with the production of the book we don’t need or want to take more than a small margin for administering the sales of your book.  Frankly, if you are producing books we’d offer, they are also books we’d read and for that reason we would prefer you realize the benefit of your work and produce more material that enriches all of our lives rather than dissuade you from sharing because you don’t see a payoff from your work – and make no mistake, there is a considerable amount of work associated with putting a book together.

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